maandag 20 mei 2013

A new Blog about Birds

Welkom to my new blog! A blog only about birds. 
I love all birds: from extinct birds to birds of today. I don't know why exactly. They are special, beautiful, interesting and surprising. Perhaps much more than these words. It might be better not to know everything, so I can still be surprised by their presence each day.

This blog I begin with a beloved bird: an adult female Common Blackbird. She was often in my garden. She could not walk or stand because she had thick legs. But fortunately she could fly, every time the cats of the neighbors were close.
I do not know if she was old or ill. She came every day for a piece of my apple and for seeds. I was accustomed to her presence since a few months. But since a week she's gone. Maybe she found a better place (without cats) around here or in the heaven? 

She had a round white spot on her feathers. 
I read that Blackbirds are not always uniformly black or brown.

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