maandag 12 augustus 2013

Bird Exhibition and Art Market in Middelburg

Art and Cultural Route in Middelburg, Juli 7

Annoucement of the Bird Exhibition (at home)

De Roofprintpers, Bellinkstraat 25, Middelburg

Leni van den Berge hangs the flag of Art and Cultural Route Middelburg

works by Leni van den Berge

Bird Museum

The last three works (right) is mine (Day and Night- ceramic)
 and a nest with birds (youth work - also ceramic).

work by Yvonne Kleinveld.

works by Kersouw, Angela Kuckartz and Katarina Rudebeck

works by Leni van den Berge


works by Hannie de Jong and Vera Verseput

cozy atelier...

so much to see...

painting by Kersouw and linocuts by Angela Kuckartz

The Art Market in the Abbey Square, organized by Art and Cultural 
Route Middelburg, August 4

 Hanny Mallecote with her amazing hats.

 Annie Thieleman with her colorful and beautiful paintings.

An just came to have a look




Zelf made envelopes for packing

two envelopes and a card for Leni

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