zaterdag 11 januari 2014

Early works with birds, 1992-1999 - Part 3

Since juli 1992 I live and work in the Netherlands. First in Amsterdam, then from 1999 in Delft. It had been very busy time:
• Reading to learn Dutch, speak and write (I could only understand).
• Seeking for a rental home and moving five times.
• Worked at three institutions as volunteer and for stage, and worked on six projects for ‘bread on the table’.
• Studied Art History at the University of Leiden, Collection Conservation and Information Management by GO.
Yet I have find some time to drawn and made linocuts. 
Hereby a small selection of works.

Sketch of Boudewijn and other students in a drawing course, 1993

Autumn, watercolor, 1992

Breakfast, watercolor, 1993

Envelope and Christmas Cards, 1992 en 1993

Amsterdam, linocut, 1994

Santa Maria Novella, linocut, 1995

Linocut for 12,5 years existence of the Kruispost / Cross Post (Amsterdam, 1995)
The Waiting Room of the Hope

Muntoren, Linocut, 1998

Year in, out, in - linocut, 1999

Serie of  reed pen and inkt drawings for an exhibition in Leiden, Amsterdam and Breda, 1993

God created birds

God created fish

The announcement of Jesus

The birth of Jesus

Mary with Jesus

Joseph with Jesus

Holy family under the tree

The transfiguration

The last supper

The crossing

The Resurrection

The four Evangelists

Lexicon of artists from Rio Grande do Sul, 1997
I'm on page 56:

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